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Breanna and Chris

Tell us your love story. How did you meet?

People love when I tell them how we met, because it’s pretty funny! Chris got thrown into the deep end by his mates to wear suits for a Wedding Expo at Coral Sea Resort. Not at all eager to go. He was very nervous. I had also been asked to model some wedding dresses and we were paired as husband and wife for the wedding expo runway. Everyone always joked that we already had wedding photos from when we met. I even got asked a couple of times why I didn’t wear my wedding ring when Chris and I first started dating as they saw photos and thought we were actually married!
The Proposal – him or her? Was it a surprise?

Chris proposed to me on our favourite beach. We spent a bit of time there in the past camping and it is special to us.
It was definitely a surprise!

Where did you spend your honeymoon?

We did a roadtrip down the coast and saw some nice sites with little family. We made it to Sunshine Coast then made our way back up.
Why did you choose Earlando? Was there something that made it stand out from the other venues for you?

I grew up at Earlando and it has a special place in my heart.
Not only that but I love the bush and the beach and this venue has the best of both worlds. So beautiful!!

Did you have a theme to your wedding/wedding styling? What inspired this?

Umm… No! I was very bad with themes and styles.
I just tried to use some of the foliage in my bouquet and followed that through to ceremony and reception decor.

What was your favourite part of your wedding?

Honestly, the whole day was just perfect! You can’t really pick a favourite part because it all went seamlessly.
However, there was a special moment when our 19 month old son played peek-a-boo in my veil during the ceremony. It was too cute!

Tell us a funny story about your wedding day/wedding planning!

My sister (who was also my bridesmaid on the day) insisted that we learn a choreographed dance to do in front of all the guests.
I am super uncoordinated and definitely not a great dancer, so I was hesitant, but finally agreed.
The dance was roughly 6 minutes long and there was much to learn!
We got busy and forgot about it and only managed to do about 30 mins of practice before the day.
On the night we checked in to see if we were still going to do it as a surprise to everyone. But we had hardly prepared and after some searching, my sister found the remix track she had created on her phone. We plugged it in and began to dance.
3 or 4 minutes in, I was surprised that we were doing quite well and remembered a lot considering the lack of practice.
Until the last song came on and it was the wrong version then we had spent time practicing on. We decided to wing it and now there is a lot of videos of us dancing a full choreographed dance until the end where we obviously have no idea what we are doing! Embarrassing haha.

Do you have any advice to future Earlando wedding couples?

Try to make your planning as stress-free as possible and you will enjoy your wedding so much more!
Whether that means a longer lead time so you can plan your wedding slowly around busy work-life or get yourself a wedding planner.
Try not to DIY as much as possible. The less to think about leading up to the wedding and on the day the better!

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Massive thank you to Teena & Ben at Earlando for the most incredible day possible. It really cannot be done without their help. They make it such a personal experience and you never just feel like another number. THANK YOU!

WEDDING TEAM: Photographer: Summer Rain Photography // Stylist: Azure Weddings & Events  // Entertainment: Trent Bell // Caterer: Aquava Boutique Catering // Florist: Sofi & Flora // Celebrant: Deanna Kent // Cake: Sweet Ideas