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Grace and Tom

Growing up in a small town like Tully, where everyone knew everyone, Grace was surprised when she one day stumbled across the Facebook profile of a handsome young man with a very nice silver Landcruiser ute, number plates 08TOM, who was supposedly from the same little small town. Just a few months later, Grace was driving into Tully, dolled up for the annual Christmas party when a silver Ute sped up behind her, overtaking her in what she described as quite reckless and she could hardly believe her eyes when she saw that familiar number plate. Later that evening, Grace spotted a tall figure at the bar & she just knew, it was 08TOM. Suddenly overcome with newfound confidence, she strode over, without saying even a hello, looking him straight in the eye and asked, “Do you drive a silver Landcruiser?” Before too long, Tom admitted that the reason he was driving so recklessly was actually because he was trying so desperately to get a look at the hot blonde in the drivers seat, he nearly ran off the road! That’s all it took, and while these two had been falling in love since Tom overtook her on the Bruce Highway, it seems that these two were perhaps destined to meet all along. Tom’s family had once owned the farm that Grace’s family now owned, all of their surrounding neighbours were Tom’s Aunts & Uncles, Grace’s Mother’s name is Anne while Tom’s Mum is Fran, both of their Dads are Stephen and Tom’s sister is Gemma, while Grace’s sister is an Emma. Their union was written in the stars. 6 and a half years later, on a perfect Friday in Spring, Grace & Tom celebrated their marriage in the party of the century. The hype was high, all day long, the dance floor, which at one point was on the tables, was packed with the youngest & the oldest guests. Grace, Tom & their quests which stretched from Mt Isa, Tully and even across the pond sure knew how to have a good time & when I left, late in the evening, Tom who had been pretty reserved all afternoon, was in just his jocks, giving his new bride a lap dance. A wedding that none of us will ever forget!

WEDDING TEAM: Photographer: Vicki Miller // Videography: Filmed by Bolton // Stylist: Azure Weddings & Events  // Planner: Plan My Wedding Whitsundays // Caterer: Aquava Boutique Catering // Florist: St Floral // Celebrant: Kylie McIntosh